Monday, 15 August, 2011

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY - Make it mean something!

I don't understand why I should have the Tricolour as my profile pic on Independence Day. Neither do I fathom what we would achieve or prove if we have one million flags fly across facebook! And would having my flag as my profile make me and all the others doing so, any more patriotic than we already are?
Nothing wrong with it, mind you. But it rather makes us look, for want of a better phrase, superficially patriotic. Every year we hoist the flag, sing patriotic songs, watch Gandhi/RDB/Lagaan/Krantiveer and of course, put up the flag as our profile pic. And then its over. Like my friend Satish Suggala said, "Feel Patriotic, quick! Offer valid till this day lasts!!" What good is this patriotism that gets stirred up only during the two national holidays? And how does it help in the progress of our nation? It actually does exactly the opposite.
If anyone calls themselves patriotic, it should hurt them to see the sorry state of affairs in the country. It should make them want to struggle for the betterment of the nation, take charge and make right the things that are wrong. Now, I realise not everyone can, or is willing to dive into the dirty ditch of politics. But that's not the only way to get rid of the evils.
I've observed over the years that the biggest problem plaguing us is our attitude towards work. The only reason many people have work is to earn money and feed themselves and their families. They hold no pride in their work and nor do they care a damn about how much their contribution makes a difference to the greater picture. Thus results the 'chalta hai' attitude towards results and productivity. One can understand the lack of drive or pride on the part of the working classes. But the sad truth is, this attitude is very much prevalent among the educated folk who hold (or are on course to hold) socially respectable positions. It hurts a lot to see people my own age privileged enough to get the highest level of education they desire, frown upon even having to do the minimum amount of work required for the results they want and the ways they find to pass the buck. It is this reluctance to work, to fulfil one's responsibilities that is holding us back as a nation.
Right now, I really don't know where this piece is going. I guess its sounding like a rant of an concerned citizen striving for his nation's betterment, frustrated by the lack of work ethics in the people around him which is tarnishing the name of the country and halting its progress, so I'll get to the point. What I'm really trying to say is, instead of whining about what is wrong and who is responsible and so on, if we just lead our lives and do our jobs with honesty and integrity, and push/inspire others to do the same, a lot of the problems will sort themselves out. It won't happen overnight, so please don't think in terms of 'what difference is just one person gonna make?'. It's the millions of these 'just one person's in a collective effort that will eventually make India truly independent. Free of corruption, free of poverty, free of ignorance, free!
I'd like to end with a line that I try to follow to the best of my ability and authority. Its beautiful when you read it but can be absolutely miraculous if you truly and wholly follow it.

"Be the change you want to see in the world" - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi


Tuesday, 20 May, 2008

The Magic Of Stephen Pastis!!

One of the best issues of one the best comics made in recent times :

Differences in the panels :

1. First panel labeled "PANEL 1", Second panel labeled "PANEL 2".
2. In Panel 1, Rat fights an internal urge to punch Pig. In Panel 2, urge is diminished
3. Panel 2 is below Panel 1.
4. There is a flying toaster in Panel 2.
5 and 6.
There are no fifth and sixth differences. The question asked was, "Can you find at least 6 differences?" The answer was NO.

Hail Pastis!!

Friday, 12 October, 2007

Not My Kind Of Girl (chords and tabs) - ZERO

Please get the hang of the timing yourself. I'm working on the Guitar Pro tab, hope its done soon. Until then, make do with this.

I've tabbed the solo too. If any of you wants it, drop your email ID in the comments, I'll mail you the text file.

The song is played Half Step Down i.e. tune your guitar one fret low. I hate it when artistes do that! X-(

Intro chords : G Csus2 Dsus4 Csus2 G Csus2 Dsus4

Play all verses with intro chords!

Verse 1 :

When I see you crying
And I know you're trying to get back with me
And I see you lying
And I know you're trying to get back with me

Chorus :

Am7 D Bm7 C
I...... ain't got the time
Am7 D Bm7 Em
I...... made up my mind
Am7 D Bm7 C Csus2 Dsus4
You're just not my kind of girl

Chorus once

Intro chords twice


Chords : Intro chords twice and then Chorus chords one

Bridge :

Csus2 G Dsus4 <--- Play these chords once, for each line

I don't wanna be
Right by your side
When I'm with you
I'm not alright
N I don't n I don't want you here with me
I can't help the way I feel
N I don't n I don't want you by my side
If you're next to me I don't feel alright

Verse 3 : (which is the same as verse 1 :P)

When I see you crying
And I know you're trying to get back with me
And I see you lying
And I know you're trying to get back with me

Chorus once Keep playing the Intro/Verse chords.
Also, keep shouting "You're not my kind of girl".


- Daddy Doodle (

Sunday, 7 October, 2007

Bryan Adams Live In Mumbai - Feb 4th., 2006. HEAVEN!!

Do I get a better reason to skip college????

My "God of Music" played the city that evening. More than 150 minutes in the line at the venue paid off well. Was just 10 feet from BA; probably the happiest moment of my life till then. And until now too. What is it like, to stand this close to someone who you follow so religiously, to someone who's given you your musical identity, your passion for music - I found out on Feb 4th., 2006. Here goes...

The techies started flitting on and offstage checking the lights, bringing on the guitars n basses; teasing the crowd. Then finally after an agonising 30 minutes of soundcheck, everybody vacated the stage, the lights dimmed, the crowd suddenly went silent and five dark figures appeared from backstage.

As I saw that one of them had the ROOM SERVICE strat strapped on, I had an instant cramp in my stomach due to sheer excitement while screaming my guts out for it was known that THE GOD was here. I couldn't believe it and as I write this on the more than 20 months down the line, I still can't.

The haunting opening riff of Room Service hit my ears leading into what would be a rollercoaster ride of 24 songs and 2 and 1/2 hours. Cruising through Somebody and This Time (a joy to hear live), he introduced Open Road, the band settled into the standard setlist ripping through one song after the other to MASSIVE sing alongs. BA didn't need to sing at all given that a (from what I hear) 35,000 strong crowd was doing lead vocals on stuff like 18 Til I Die, Can't Stop, et al. In fact, the chants of the Summer Of '69 lead riff were on for a good couple of minutes even after the song had ended. After the ever so beautiful Everything I Do, He launched into Cuts Like A Knife resulting in total frenzy. Amruta, a pharmacy student from Bangalore got to sing with him on When You're Gone. Lucky chick!

A little later He picked what was (to me) the GEM of the evening - Hearts On Fire, which featured some wonderful guitars by the great K-man (but The Best Was Yet To Come). Next up was Kids Wanna Rock (a sight for sore eyes). The mid-song guitar battle was a total laugh riot with the 'crying' act that they put on (guitars doing sounds and faces doing expressions = HILARIOUS). Heaven (and I'm Ready a little while earlier) was played to a sea of mobile phones giving the many love birds out there a few romantic moments.

Everyone by now was deeply caught in the magic of BA's music. He decided to get down to some serious business, to unleash the man few would dare to challenge on the axe - KEITH SCOTT. Its Only Love had him doing an Oh-my-God-what-is-that kind of a thing only he can do with the guitar. That song truly rocks. They ended the set with The Only Thing and went off the stage after the usual band introduction. But everyone knew it was much too soon. As expected, they came out for the encore consisting which had BA actually coming down into the crowds during The Best Of Me. They once again took a bow and left.

BA again came back, this time alone to bid a goodbye for the last time. He did it with his voice and his accoustic only. He walked across the stage, took his bows, gave his thank yous and finally left the stage. This time it was for real. He came, He played and left us all satisfied to the core.

Bliss!!!! Thank You Lord, Thank You BA!!! Long live...


The WHOLE gig - I was bloody 10 feet away from BA, can you believe that????
SUPERFUZZ - Opening act \m/
Hearts' On Fire
Its Only Love - All hail Keith Scott
Keith n BA's guitar battle


BA - Guitar n Vocals
Keith Scott - Lead Guitar n Backing Vocals
Mickey Curry - Drums n Backing Vocals
Gary Breit - Keyboards, Piano n Backing Vocals
Norm Fisher - Bass n Backing Vocals
Varad n Abhishek - Lead Vocals n AIR GUITAR :P


01. Room Service.
02. Somebody.
03. This Time.
04. Open Road.
05. 18 'Til I Die.
06. Lets Make A Night To Remember.
07. Can't Stop This Thing We Started.
08. Back To You.09. Summer Of '69.
10. Everything I Do (I Do It For You).
11. Cuts Like A Knife.
12. When You're Gone (with Amruta).
13. I'm Ready.
14. Hearts On Fire.
15. Kids Wanna Rock.
16. Heaven.
17. Its Only Love.
18. The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You.

19. Cloud Number Nine.
20. Run To You.
21. The Best Of Me.

22. Please Forgive Me.
23. All For Love.
24. Room Service.

- Varad "Daddy Doodle" Wategaonkar

Saturday, 8 September, 2007

Thank You, Come Again - Helga's Fun Castle

THANK YOU, COME AGAIN - Helga's Fun Castle
Vocals - Siddharth Coutto (also plays drums with ZERO)
Guitar - Meghshyam Adoni (ex-AQUIRED FUNK SYNDROME)
Bass - Johann Pais (ex-VICIOUS CIRCLE)
Drums - JAI ROW KAVI started (ex-PDV, VAYU, GROOVELAB, MEDUSA n many more), but recently Gino Banks took his place as Jai HAD left for USA, but now that Jai's back here, he's back with Helga's too.

Our very own supergroup, HELGA'S FUN CASTLE (HFC) is one hell of a band. Started out only as a jam band, they're known to make songs spontaneously while performing. Ask them how and Sidd says that if at this point if they can't, then they shouldn't be doing music at all. Their live performances are a lot fun with music which I can only term "JHAKAAS" and even more onstage humour (Cows On Parade anyone??). They came out with Thank You, Come Again back in 2005, which like I said, is filled with Jhakaas music and humour. Lets tale a look at it song-by-song, shall we?

1. For Luke - One of their songs, written on-the-spot for Channel V's Luke Kenny during the Launch Pad competition. Its begins with a juicy riff and has a really catchy chorus. One of the highlights of the albums I say.

2. Mr. Fancypants - Again a nice catchy sing-along song with a really catchy intro riff. Wierd clues on this, they won't tell, so we can only guess who this Fancypants dude/dudette is. :D This one's just too good not to be loved.

3. Sometimes - Ah!! A ballad. Excellent. I love these B-words (don't get any wrong ideas :P). A song about (lost) love, got a cool reggae feel to it with a nice long solo. Accepted really well live, this one.

4. Lil' Bit Of This - A typical Helga's song. A good example of the "jam" principle that the band is built upon with a catchy chorus, Meghu bringing in the wah to good effect nicely complimented by Sidd's vocal gymnastics and Johann's slaps.

5. All Is Lost - Another ballad, O YES!!! Boy, these things are fantastic. Won't say much, just that with the beautiful intro and an excellent solo, this is through-n-through Meghu's song. Nice tempo change in the end. My personal favourite on the album.

6. Marching Song - A Marching We Will Go. Yeah!! A major live favourite dominated a heavy riff. I think this is a take on politics or somethin' but what the hell, its too catchy to sit down and grasp the lyrics. Just enjoy this one.

7. Smoke Some Ganja - Reggae! Reggae!! Reggae!!! If there's only one Helga's song you've heard, I bet its this one. Do I even need to talk about it??? Mindless lyrics (I guess I'd call in for some munchies???), but never fails to get you high on music. Smoke Some Ganja ppl! :)

8. Thank You, Come Again - Is this even a song? Just put it on and laugh yer asses off. Total freakos these guys, but I'm not complaining. :D

There, eight songs and one hell of a ride filled really juicy and crunchy guitar riffs. There's barely a dull moment on this album. One thing, though, is that I have left out purpose is Jai's drumwork. That's because he's so bloody brilliant on each and every song, it'd be a crime to talk about him in a line or two. Hats off to you man!! *bows*

All in all, an wonderful album full of Jhakaas upbeat songs. No need for any faltu moshing (there's too much hatred already), just lay back and enjoy life with this one. Can barely wait for their next one.Release the Album ye buggers!!
HFC rocks, peace!!

- Daddy Doodle
P.S. : SMOKE SOME GANJA - Live at Razz - May 19th, 2007.
Smoke Some Ganja peepul!! :)

Sunday, 26 August, 2007


Sometimes I wonder....

Technology has made our lives so bloody comfortable, people find going to the loo Work. But there are some things people just can't get the hang of. One of these is called - HANDSFREE. Ya know, the attachment for your mobile phone which basically is just an earphone (like the one with your walkman) with a fancy name given to it by the likes of Nokia and Sony Ericsson.

If you walk around in Bombay, at any time of the day, you'll find at least 60% of the people yapping away on their Mobiles. Most of these are the kind who think "Many Happy Returns Of The Day" is ONLY a Birthday greeting. Anyway...

Some of these, generally the sophisticated looking of the lot, have a long thin wire coming outta their phones that go all the way down to their knees and come right back up into their ears. Yup, you guessed it right - The HANDSFREE!! Well, it starts something which you put into to a Hole in the phone (sounds kinky, eh??? ;)). After that is the wire which later on, at a junction which is the antenna/mike, splits into two parts that have little bud-like thingies at the ends which you put into the Holes of your ears. :P

Basically, this Handsfree thingy has been designed for a certain purpose. It enables you to take calls, talk, end calls, change radio stations.... without actually having to handle the phone instrument. In short, talk with your Hands Free. Hands-Free, see?

But there are people who insist on holding the antenna thingy to their mouths as if they were hanging on for dear life. Well, its designed to pick ups sounds from as far as 3-4 feet. So you can let it hang, your voice would still reach out to it. But no, from the moment the phone rings, these idiots cling on to it like people would to a Jesus Christ/Bajrangbali locket in the middle of a quake. Doesn't that kill the whole purpose of its invention?? Its even named after what its supposed to do. Again, Hands-Free, see? Go figure!

But Handsfree, not really, as long as people would insist on acting in a way I mentioned earlier and give people like me the pleasure of having a laugh at the expense of their ignorance. Sheesh!! So much for the Sophisticated look, so much for technological inventions, so much for comfort and so much for HANDSFREE!!

Daddy Doodle

P.S. : I wonder if anybody still uses the walkman! I do for one.